Robert Mark McDonald



Office Coming Soon! 410 Bond Street Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Robert Mark McDonald is a seasoned real estate professional with proven expertise and demonstrated success in selling and renting residential listings all along the New Jersey coastline. With over 50 5-star reviews on the trusted real estate platform, Zillow, Mark has built a strong reputation for himself as Asbury Park’s premiere broker/realtor by helping his clients not only sell their homes for top-dollar, but rent them out as vacation homes for profits each and every year. Throughout the last 15 years, Mark has worked as a full-time real estate agent. Considered an expert by almost anyone who works with him, Mark’s unique understanding of the Jersey Shore and how its real estate market functions has set him apart from other listing agents. In addition to his 15 year career in real estate, he also has over 10 years of experience in working with local mortgage companies, Code Enforcement officers, and outside realtors. Mark has the connections, the skillset, the local knowledge, and the real estate drive to secure top-dollar for his clients. When it comes to Jersey Shore, Mark understands just how valuable his clients’ properties are. And for that very reason, he’s worked to push his understanding and knowledge of how current and future development projects on the shore are going to play out, so that he can better recommend a course of action for his clients. Whether they’re looking to sell their first home, rent out a vacation home, or are finally looking to part with that multi-million dollar oceanside luxury home, Mark is the man to make his clients dreams come true. Each and every day, Mark is focused on moving dreams to reality. In his personal life, Mark volunteers with a Dog Rescue organization called Rescue Ridge, he is an amateur photographer, he is an avid “boardwalker,” and has been involved in the political activism scene for over 30 years. Intent on advocating for social justice, Mark is always doing everything he can to advance our society forward either by fighting for what he believes or by giving back to his own communities. Originally from Missouri, Mark moved to New York City at a young age where he became the Executive Director of the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus for a number of years. From there, he learned how to build relationships around rapport, and knew that he had to find a job that revolved around people. Today, Mark proudly works as a real estate broker with SPACE & COMPANY in Asbury Park, New Jersey.